Create the solar system and the universe in Minecraft

User Chris Da Cow posted on Reddit the rendering he did in Minecraft of the “entire” universe, as he said, and that includes everything from planets to black holes and the solar system.

I Built the Entire Universe in Minecraft! ✨ from minecraft

The creator noted that he did this in two months: “un universe built brick by brick with World Edit and Optifine installed only, as well as shaders to make it prettier. “But even without it, it’s still pretty clean actually.”

The universe made in Minecraft.


— stuntech (@stuntech) October 4, 2022

In the publication it also tells that the size of the galaxies, stars and planets present in this universe of Minecraft, is reduced 70,000 times in its real size.

It also contains a black hole inspired by the one in the movie Interstellar which is close to the planets Saturn and Uranus and Nebula.

The comments from people on Reddit were immediate:

If this doesn’t become one of the top posts on the Minecraft subreddit, I’ll be offended. Few people in the world can do what you do. I mean. man built a freakin galaxy! Who does that!”.

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