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Smartphones are the most used electronic devices on a daily basis. But the amount of data and sensitive information handled on these computers makes cybersecurity a crucial issue.

The increase in internet transactions, as well as the rise of new applications and financial tools in a mobile version, have drawn the attention of cybercriminals who try to access the personal information of users on the web. For this reason, cybersecurity in smartphones is now considered a priority.

In Chile, for example, Reports of cybercrime related to transactions on e-commerce platforms and virtual banks increased by 30%according to a report by the Investigative Police (PDI).

After this, new smartphone companies that are arriving in the country, such as realme, for example, recommend taking cybersecurity precautions on smartphones to shield your personal information and verify the reliability of software, applications and manage your passwords to avoid risks.

How to secure personal information on a smartphone?

If the device is stolen, the thief will be able to access all the information on the computer. One of the basic recommendations is keep screen locked either with a code, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition.

Likewise, choose the shortest time option to activate the lock when the cell phone is idle. There are smartphones that have already developed an operating system interface with options that make it easy to hide applications and prevent access to them, even if the cell phone is unlocked.

This is the case of realme, that through the Settings> Privacy> Privacy Protection route, you can select the applications that contain sensitive information, and configure them to keep them hidden or access them only with a secret code.

Along the same lines, to secure personal information and specific data on smartphones, 4 key aspects must be taken into account.

1. Verifying that apps come from trustworthy sources also helps cybersecurity

From realme they point out that “the ideal is download Apps in official stores such as Play Storein the case of Android, which reduces the risks that are acquired by downloading them from another source or placeā€.

Cybercriminals create fake mobile applications with which they seek to obtain sensitive information from users, so it is important to read the reviews of the Apps, their updates and general information from the developer.

2. Set app permissions

Every time a new app is installed from the Play Store, it will display a list of areas that the app needs to access, such as location, image gallery, contacts, and more.

This is the section that nearly 99.99% of users ignore and click ‘OK’ and proceed to install. This is not a safe practice because you are unknowingly giving yourself access to all your contacts, photos, media, and some other areas that you may not have wanted to share..

3. An important factor of cybersecurity in smartphones is to protect online purchases

Faced with a scenario in which online purchases are increasingly common, mobile phones must be able to protect the information that is shared on the platforms.

The ‘Payment Protection’ functionality is common in Android phonesand is factory installed in the privacy settings of smartphones.

Is is responsible for making a thorough analysis of the payment applications installed on the device. In the event that any abnormality is identified, the user will be alerted not to share any banking or personal data.

Another recommendation is that after making a purchase or operating in online banking, you close the session on the websites used immediately. In addition to cleaning the browser’s cache and cookies frequently, to avoid the storage of personal information and access to websites.

4. Never save passwords

Storing usernames and passwords on the phone and confidential transactions should be avoided when using public Wi-Fi.

Nevertheless, remembering this information is difficult for most people, so it is recommended to use password manager services that allow them to be stored, cared for and managed.

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