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Undoubtedly, Red Dead Online is the section of the game that players who are fans of the Rockstar saga play the most, who get new content every month from the company to continue nurturing the living world that they already have. As a result of this, the new wave of content called Red Dead Online: Halloween brings with it many changes, improvements and accessories, which will increase the challenges of the players.

Through its official website, Rockstar has released all the information regarding this new update, which arrives as part of the Halloween celebration. In addition to various cosmetics and special missions, The Halloween Pass 2 returns again, providing the exact continuation of the progress players had in the previous one, increasing the options to get even more things.

This is what Red Dead Online brings: Halloween, the new wave of content from Rockstar

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Among the many things that this new wave of content has to offer, we have new weapon locations, new missions to get special accessories and cosmetics, along with exclusive discounts in Madam Nazar’s shop. Likewise, in the different weeks of the month, we will have events that will provide us with various rewards, such as loot in the northern area of ​​Tumbleweed for the week of October 4 to 10, a Bluewater Swamp Treasure Map for the week of October 11-17 and so on, with treasure maps spread out for mysterious rewards.

A month full of novelties and new accessories will have the players who venture to follow and enjoy the missions of Red Dead Online: Halloween, which is now available on all platforms. We’ll see if throughout the month, Rockstar gives us new surprise events to delight us all with exclusive items.

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