Huawei's Blood Measurement Watch Will Be Launched Globally

One of the devices that most caught our attention during our visit to the Mobile World Congress Barcelona Last February it was Huawei Watch Da smart watch that was out of the ordinary with respect to its competition for offering something that until now no one has been able to deliver.

This is an extremely precise measurement of the blood pressurethis thanks to the fact that on its strap the device includes a pump that inflates just like when we go to the doctor and they attach that elastic band to one of our arms and then a machine sends air to it and presses on the extremity.

Well, this process is similar to what this Watch D performs, of course, only on our wrist, where the strap inflates and thus the device begins to take the data generated by said pressure. Undoubtedly an innovation that is worthy of applause and that allows more accurate monitoring of the user’s health in the place that it deems convenient.

In this case, in order to achieve a successful result, the ideal is use it sitting down and move the arm in which we have the watch close to the heart. Then we start the measurement and this airbag in the belt will begin to inflate almost automatically, delivering the blood pressure result after a few seconds.

When we were able to test it, we told them that this product would initially be available in China and was not yet considered for the global market, which has happily just changed thanks to Huawei’s confirmation that will begin to reach other countries from this monthstarting with Europe.

and although their arrival in our country is not yet one hundred percent confirmed, there are high possibilities that in the coming months we can find it officially in the online store of the Chinese company. The launch price in Germany of this Huawei Watch D is 450 eurosapproximately four hundred thousand Chilean pesos.

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