Intel ARC A770 16 GB and ARC A750 8 GB

Finally, here is the first word that sums up the start of this test because yes, we have been waiting for Intel GPUs for quite a while. Now, let’s not forget that between rumors of production stoppage and delays, this is a first generation of graphics cards for Intel. And as Raja has repeatedly pointed out, the number of obstacles for this first launch was substantial. But now, today we are happy to tell you that we have in the lab a copy of the Intel ARC A770 of 16GB as well as the Intel ARC A750 of 8 GB.

As a reminder, Intel launched its first entry-level model in June, the ARC A380 version. Here, with these two A770 and A750 cards, we are on the two high-end models of the brand that we hope to see rival AMD and NVIDIA competition in the 1080p and 1440p definitions. Finally, note that an Intel A580 is also on the program, but certainly not right away.

Intel France has summed it up well, it humbly arrives with a first generation, not forgetting where they come from and where they want to go. Let’s not forget that personally, it’s a real satisfaction to see a third brand land in the GPU world with certainly the means to redistribute the cards.

On our side, our desire is always to offer you the most relevant results, which forces us to regularly update our graphs. And this is again the case with the “re-passage” of all our GPUs on our test platform with the latest drivers available to date. As you know, this takes time and therefore not all GPUs will be reintroduced to our graphics yet, but it will be over the next few days. Unfortunately, we lost almost 36 hours due to a hardware failure of our main SSD containing all our games. Only having a VDSL connection, the time to re-download them all caused us a lot of delay.

But don’t worry, the main challengers of these ARC A770 and ARC A750 are present and our graphics will focus on 1080p and 1440p definitions.

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