Minecraft player has completely recreated the UNIVERSE and the Black Hole from the movie Interstellar using only blocks

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Minecraft is a video game that offers immense possibilities for entertainment and, above all, creation. This is how we have seen different players create their own worlds, even based on works of popular culture.

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Something that a fan of the Mojang video game named ChrisDaCow wanted to take further, recreating an entire universe in Minecraft, as he himself revealed in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

According to what he says in the video where he recounts the process that has led to the creation of this universe, he used editing tools such as WorldEdit that allow him to stack masses of game blocks at the same time. Work in which it took a little over a month and a half to completely recreate this version of the universe within the title. In the publication it also tells that the size of the galaxies, stars and planets present in this universe of Minecraft, is reduced 70,000 times in its real size.

All part of this incredible recreation that also contains a black hole inspired by the one in the movie Interstellar which is close to the planets Saturn and Uranus.

You can watch the video below.


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