Software: The free Amazon Kids service for children arrives in Spain, available on all Echo devices


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Amazon has announced the availability of the free service for children Amazon Kids, that can already be used with its digital assistant, Alexa, in the entire family of Echo devices of the brand.

Amazon Kids is an experience intended for children under between 3 and 12 years that offers the little ones access to personalized content, while providing a configuration appropriate to their age. It can be used for both playing and learning.

This service, which has reached the devices echo and echo show With a new free ‘software’ update in Spain, it has a series of educational Skills (to learn languages ​​or deal with areas such as science, mathematics or spelling) and entertainment, as well as playlists.

Other aspects of this service include the ability to create a profile for children, so Alexa can recognize your voice and deliver age-appropriate content.

On the other hand, Amazon Kids allows you to set daily time limits so that, for example, when children have to go to sleep, have dinner or do homework, they cannot establish contact with the assistant.

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