The first unboxing of the RTX 4090 reveals its enormous size, similar to Xbox Series S

all in the new RTX 4090 it is huge; from its exaggerated potency to its very high price. Although its exaggerated size may have caught more than one by surprise. And it is that with the publication of the first unboxing we are realizing its true dimensions. And to be a GPU they are more than considerable; so much so, that it rivals in size an entire console like Xbox Series S. This is clear from the first images and videos published by different media that have already had the opportunity to manipulate it and remove it from its no less impressive product box.

This is the exaggerated size of the new RTX 4090

Thus, various media and content creators have already been able to open different versions of Nvidia’s new RTX range, including a gigabyte custom version which is even bigger; and when we say “quite a lot” it is because it really is. For example, if we pay attention to the video published by the youtuber Centric, we can see that the new RTX 4090 is quite a bit larger than the RTX 3070Tialready quite cumbersome.

This is the version Founders Edition, that is, the base version of Nvidia with measurements of 304x137x61 mm, with its exaggerated fan and its 4 PCIe 8-pin connectors. “I’m testing Nvidia’s RTX 4090 and this is the only unboxing photo you need to see. (You can also see that it is shorter than a 3090 but taller). Analysis coming soon”, he wrote for his part Tom Warren of TheVerge along with a couple of the most revealing images, comparing the size of Nvidia’s new GPU with a 3090 Y…a dog!

Although if the Founder’s Edition already seems exaggerated in its dimensions, do not miss the enormous design of the Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 4090 Master, Gigabyte’s advanced version of the new Nvidia GPU with a much larger size compared to the base model, reaching a not inconsiderable 358.5×162.8×75.1 mm. Some measures that will surely do complicated installation in not a few PC cases.

The new RTX 4090 hits the market next October 12, 2022 at a recommended price of $1,599.

Source | TheVerge | pc gamer | Youtube

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