The PS5 about to replace connected TVs?  Disney and Sony are making progress

News hardware The PS5 about to replace connected TVs? Disney and Sony are making progress

Until then lagging behind, the Disney + application intended for Sony’s PS5 benefits from an update which brings support for features that are essential today to take advantage of the catalog of the SVOD platform in the best conditions.

If you use a PlayStation 5 game console to stream movies and series, it is likely that you use platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Disney+. If this is the case and you have a 4K Ultra HD television, you may have already noticed a difference in image quality between these different applications.

And for good reason: as surprising as it may seem, the Disney + application on PS5 was content until then to offer an image in Full HD 1080punlike competing services which have moved to 4K Ultra HD as well as HDR since the release of Sony’s console. Aware of its delay, Disney+ has just rolled out an update that rectifies the situation on PS5.

Disney+ is finally in 4K HDR on Sony’s PS5

“A key part of our global expansion strategy is meeting consumers where they are, which is why we’re excited to enhance Disney+ for PlayStation 5 users.”said Jerrell Jimerson, who is none other than the head of streaming at Disney. “The ability to support 4K HDR video streaming on the platform will also improve the viewing experience for fans. »

The update is currently rolling out, so it is possible that you will not have access to it yet by turning on your console, but it will not be long. Once the update is complete, you will be able to enjoy 4K Ultra HD, but also HDR10+, from your PS5 on a compatible TV. It is also essential to have a suitable Internet connection: optical fiber is recommended to enjoy sufficient speed for 4K.

The PS5 about to replace connected TVs?  Disney and Sony are making progress

The PS5, the best platform for Disney+?

While this upgrade to the Disney+ app for PS5 is welcome, however, it seems important to point out that the Sony console is not necessarily the most economical platform to take advantage of the SVOD service. Indeed, the energy consumption of the device is high: it consumes between 60 and 70 watts for streamingwhere a device such as a Google Chromecast TV, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or an Apple TV consumes between 3 and 6 watts.

If you have no other solution available to watch your programs on Disney+ and other SVOD platforms, you can now benefit from a better experience on PS5. But if you have the chance, it may be interesting to turn to an alternative capable of helping you save energy.

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