Do Not Open

A haunting survival horror game, influenced by Escape Room mechanics.

Inspired by true events, the award-winning Do Not Open is a tragic story about one man’s battle for sanity and fighting to silence the voices in his head.

Under immense pressure in a terrifying environment, infamous zoologist and epidemiologist Michael J. Goreng is trapped in a warped version of his own home. His wife and his daughter are in grave danger.

Escape from the house while facing a mysterious paranormal threat that does not stop stalking you and your family. The pressure is increasing and the clock in the lower corner is approaching zero. The clock stops. You must leave the room. NOW!

These are its characteristics:

Old school survival horror designed around the true values ​​of survival horror: vulnerability and fear, with mechanics like permadeath and an emphasis on hiding rather than fighting.

procedural design, for replayability. Each new playthrough will have a new house layout, key items will be in different places and with over 2,193, 360 different puzzle combinations, every playthrough will be a complete experience from start to finish.

Optimized to run at the highest quality on PS5 at 4k and 60fpswith lights and volumetric fog.

Do Not Open It will arrive in physical format for PlayStation 5 on November 25, 2022 and for PlayStation 4 in 2023. Reservations are now available in stores in our Spanish territory thanks to Meridiem Games.

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