"You get punished for being poor": players upset with Overwatch 2 for denying prepaid customers to play it, in some countries

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Overwatch 2 was officially launched this Tuesday, October 4, having a more than bumpy start and that during its first 24 hours of life, it still has players unable to even enter the game due to the long waiting lines.

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Players who, despite having an immense desire to be able to try the free sequel to the Blizzard shooter, join those who don’t even have the chance to launch the game because they have a prepaid cell phone. This is because, as we have anticipated, under an account protection system that is common in other video games, Overwatch 2 requires that a phone number be associated with the account.

Number that in some countries, must be of a cell phone with a plan and that has thousands of players who have prepaid equipment quite upset about this limitation. One of them is Richard Meunster, a fan of the game who communicated by email with Kotaku, indicating that by not being able to play because he has a prepaid number, he feels “punished for being poor” by Blizzard. Gamer who is one of the 19 million people who use Cricket Wireless, one of the prepaid phone services in the United States, and will not be accepted by Overwatch 2 for its new system.

Situation that, as expected, has many more players complaining about the same situation, such as a Reddit user who indicates that he is also a prepaid client and that “it is what my family can afford. I do not know what else to say. I’m not going to tell my family that we should trade for a video game. Now I can’t play overwatch. I am very sad about this.”

I claim that also, for example, another Overwatch 1 player shares with much more anger, who claims that he cannot play the second part saying on Twitter that: “I can’t believe that Blizzard denies people with prepaid phone plans access to Overwatch 2 Why does it matter how I pay my phone bill? 6 years of my life, all the time, money and progress down the drain dude fuck you

A measure that we hope will not be replicated in regions like ours, where apparently a prepaid phone number can be used in all Latin American countries to play Overwatch 2. Of course, if you don’t get a queue of 50 thousand players to enter.

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