12 Nintendo Switch eShop Recommendations You Can’t Miss

12 Nintendo Switch eShop Recommendations You Can't Miss

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The shop of Nintendo Switch is that place where we can find both great blockbusters and hidden gems that propose a completely different and innovative way of playing, since more and more studios are prioritizing this platform to offer on it original experiences that we won’t find anywhere else. There are so many that sometimes it can be difficult to choose one, that is why we offer you below 12 recommendations that you should not overlook.

1.Cult of the Lamb

very careful with Cult of the Lamb because it is extremely addictive. His proposal combines company management with action roguelite and bathes everything in an aesthetic that is also part of a curious mixture: satanism and cuteness. It is a fantastic experience that manages to combine all these elements to achieve a game with personality, good response to controls and depth in both management and action. One of the essentials of the year.

2. Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island It is the return of one of the most beloved sagas in the history of video games, and it returns in top form, proving that the genre of graphic adventures can still go a long way if it falls into the right hands. We are before a hilarious and nostalgic installmentlike the ones before, which also comes with a completely renewed graphic section to give it a more charismatic touch, if possible.

3. Circus Electric

Capture of Circus Electrique.

Come and see! Circus Electric brings us a magnificent proposal that combines role, combat, strategy and management, all in one package steampunk that puts us in charge of the most electric circus in London in 1899. A mysterious event has turned all the inhabitants into violent automatons, so our troupe of tightrope walkers, strongmen and clowns has to face them while trying to discover what has happened

4. Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo

Alfred HitchcockVertigo is the video game adaptation of one of the most acclaimed films by this iconic film director, although instead of betting on tracing the history of the feature film, it has rather served as inspiration: we control the three characters connected by the same mystery, and we do it during a narrative investigation that takes the forms of modern adventure games. The interpretation of the dubbing actors, who give life to the characters we see on screen, stands out.

5. Svoboda 1945: Liberation

Capture of Svoboda 1945.

Svoboda 1945: Liberation is one of the most unique proposals that we recommend today: it is a award-winning narrative adventure that mixes a video game and a documentary interactive with real recordings. This combination is used to address the tragic stories of various survivors of World War II, starting from a mystery related to the appearance of the protagonist’s grandfather in a strange photograph.

6. Dropsy

In Dropsy we became a clown dark-looking game that walks through a grotesque world, but contrary to what it may seem, this is not a horror game: it is actually a two-dimensional graphic adventure whose main interaction with the environment and the rest of the characters is give hugs. We can go where we want, interact with whomever we want and chat with everyone, including little animals, through a system of symbols that put aside the text so that anyone can immerse themselves in his curious and recommendable proposal.

7.Serial Cleaners

Screenshot of Serial Cleaners.

Serial Cleaners expands the magnificent idea of ​​the first game, that of putting us in the shoes of a corpse cleaner who works for the mafia, giving it a fresh touch with a renewed graphic section and, above all, with the incorporation of new playable characters: there are now four cleaners, each with their own skills, so the stealth that he displays is mixed with the strategy of knowing how to use those skills. skills and other tools at the right time.

8. Let’s Build a Zoo

Screenshot from Let's Build a Zoo.

As you can imagine by its name, Let’s Build a Zoo puts us in charge of a zoo with more than 500 different animals at our disposal, although it gives it a twist since it allows us to merge them to get over 300,000 crazy combinations. We can stay in the legality or break it to earn more money, something that we will have to balance to manage the place in the best possible way, controlling everything from employees and visitors to food and predators.

9.Midnight Fight Express

Watching the fights Midnight Fight Express we inevitably remember some of the best action movies of recent years: this game bets on a style of physical action, brutal and bare fisted, with a character capable of fighting against groups of thugs and coming out unscathed. To do this, when we take control, we will have to sharpen our fighting skills, timing the counterattacks well and taking advantage of the environmentor in our favor.

10. Forest

Capture of Forests.

forest takes us on a fantastic adventure, but it does so in a board and with cards. It’s like a classic role-playing game, with charismatic characters and missions that we can solve however we want, only in video game format instead of paper and pencil. It surprises by the number of ways in which we can interact with the world and its characters, by how the powers of each of the heroes are used both inside and outside of turn-based combat. A very well run narrative game that surprise anyone who dares to enter it.

11. The Spirit and the Mouse

It seems that video games featuring little animals are in fashion. as it proves The Spirit and the Mousean adventure in which we control a peculiar little mouse in a charming French village. She is not just any mouse, since she has the ability to conduct electricity with her enormous heart, a characteristic that will be used to tell us a story. beautiful story in which we will be in charge of returning light to the city and its inhabitants. In addition to the main missions, the game’s setting is riddled with details and minigames that give an extra touch to the experience.

12. Tunic

Everything that Tunic has of adorable in his artistic section he has it as demanding with respect to the exploration of his world, which is established as a intricate maze in which we are not going to stop running into secrets and cut roads. It is a great little adventure that captivates us from the first moment and calls us to scrutinize every corner of its mysterious ruined world. a game that never ceases to amaze and that has become an essential.

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