An Apple Watch has blown up its owner.  Apple tried to silence the event

Apple has not been without problems with its devices: cases like ‘Antennagate’ are compounded by the problems it had, for example, with the butterfly keyboards on its MacBooks. The last of those events, which has been most explosive, has had to do with the Apple Watch.

What happened. An American user of an Apple Watch Series 7 was wearing the watch on his wrist when he began to notice that it got much hotter than normal. After examining it, he saw that the lower part was fractured and the screen showed a warning: it was recommended to turn off the watch due to the temperature. All this happened while he was in his house, the temperature being about 21 ºC.

apple help me. The user was able to contact Apple technical support, who assured him that they would investigate what could have happened. According to 9to5Mac, the message went through different levels until one of the product managers launched the investigation and told that user not to touch the clock until they called him again.

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getting hotter. After putting the watch aside, the next morning he found it even hotter, it was smoking – the user recorded the moment and posted the video on YouTube – and there were beginning to be fractures on the screen. Picking it up he began to fracture more and exploded just as he threw it out the window. The watch left burns on the wearer’s chair, and he went to the emergency room out of concern for lead poisoning. The Apple Watch does not contain enough of this type of material to pose a danger, mind you.

You shut up, we investigate. After re-informing Apple of what had happened, the technical service assured him that this case would be a priority, but it took a few days for them to call back. The company organized the collection of the shattered watch to take it to its laboratory to investigate the causes of the explosion. Apple also sent a document for him to sign and agree not to share the story with anyone. He refused to sign on, instead contacting 9to5Mac to tell the story.

suspicious batteries. Everything indicates that the cause of the problem has been a defective battery. The case would not be new, and it remains to be seen if it affects more models like this, but here Apple must be very careful. At the end of 2016, Samsung suffered one of the biggest disasters in its history: the batteries of the Galaxy Note 7 caused some explosions, which led to the withdrawal of the model and millionaire losses for the company.

Image: 9to5Mac

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