An Apple Watch Series 7 overheats on a user's wrist and explodes the next day

A user of a Apple Watch Series 7 It is making headlines after he revealed that his smart watch ended up exploding and with Apple itself trying to keep the case quiet.

As reported by 9To5Macan Apple Watch Series 7 user began noticing that his watch was getting warmer than normal when he was indoors at a room temperature of 21 degrees.

The user started to freak out when he saw that the clock indicated that it had to be turned off due to the high temperature it was reaching internallyprompting him to immediately contact Apple support.

After several explanations, he ended up talking to a manager who created a case for further investigation. However, they did not provide him with any solution, they just told him that I did not touch the watch again until I received a response from Apple.

But things got worse the next morning, because when the user woke up, noticed that the Apple Watch was hotter to the touch and the internal heat had practically destroyed his screen.

The user took the clock to take photos and thus send them to Apple, when he began to hear that something was exploding inside him, the user throws him towards the window and in that act the clock “explodes”. The user had to attend emergencies for a “possible cause of lead poisoning”although the watch does not have enough lead to cause poisoning, but still attended out of concern.

After this unprecedented act, the user contacted Apple again to give notice of what had happened and they told him that the case would take “top priority” and that he would receive an update on his case the following Monday (just last Monday).

However, today, Wednesday, he just received a response from Apple, they went to look for the affected watch to take it to the laboratory to carry out tests and see what really happened.

Finally, Apple sent this user a document to sign agreeing not to share this fact with anyone. Of course, the user refused to sign said document and shared the story with the 9To5Mac site, sending videos and photos that we will see below:

At the moment it is all the information that 9To5Mac has shared, but there are several questions that come to mind when reading this case.

It remains to be seen what type of charger he used, if he had a stable or beta version of the operating system, if the same clock indicated that he should turn it off due to the high temperature, why didn’t he turn it off? Why did you touch the watch again when Apple told you not to touch it again until they contacted you again?

Anyway, we will be attentive to the topic to see if there are updates in the next few hours.

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