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Christopher Dringhead of Gamesindustry.biz, said that – according to one of his sources – the availability of PS5 in stores during September 2022 was “surprisingly good“, worldwide.

Precisely, Dring wrote via Twitter the following words: “According to my retail sources, PS5 availability worldwide during September was ‘surprisingly good.’ One source told me it was the best in over a year. ‘time to see these data “.

Responding to a user, Dring added that he agrees with the fact that the last quarter of 2022 could be a record for PS5, especially to support the release of God of War Ragnarok, the flagship game of the fall period of PlayStation.

Obviously, let’s talk about data a world level: it is clear that every region of the world and every state lives its own situation and has to face different availabilities. In Italy, even now, it is not easy to find a console directly in stores and you mostly have to go hunting for PS5 bundles, perhaps even at a higher price.

The fact that on average the situation is improving, however, is positive and seems a promise of better times for the Italian gaming market. Tell us, have you already bought a PS5? Or are you still looking?

A PS5 might not be mandatory for some time, though, as PlayStation “doesn’t want to forget PS4”, more cross-gen on the way?

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