Blizzard Previews Dragonflight's Major Factions System - World of Warcraft

The League of Explorers of the Alliance and the Reliquary of the Horde have put aside their differences to study the Dragon Islands. Their joint expedition, made up of craftsmen, explorers, archaeologists and other scholars, is devoted to the search for relics and new knowledge. The adventure in the wild lands and the discoveries made brought the two camps closer together, and they learned to appreciate each other’s qualities. They are now bound by the task at hand, and maybe even…by friendship!

Earning Renown with the Dracaret Expedition is already a reward in itself. The expedition has already made some major discoveries, including an ancient transportation network, and it’s up to you to help with the search. By gaining renown with the Dracaret Expedition, you will be able to power portals scattered throughout the Dragon Islands, which all of your characters will be able to use thereafter.

Go on an adventure, make your own discoveries and find treasure maps all over the Dragon Islands. With your renown, access new search tools to find magic chests and other finds. You will also get dragon island supplies which will allow you to improve your cataloging, exploration and climbing abilities.

You can find Dracaret Expedition merchants all over the Dragon Isles. They can provide you with various tools, such as a expedition metal detector and an expedition shovel to help you in your research, or even expedition supply kits to exchange your Dragon Isles supplies for upgrades to your cataloging, climbing, and exploration abilities.

These are just a few examples of the advantages offered by the Dracaret Expedition. As you increase your Renown, you’ll unlock rewards and items that will make your journey through the Dragon Isles easier.

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