Quietly, Apple has released a major update for its product. Here’s why and what is the content of the update, the third from 2020

Not only iPhone (which is ready to receive a new update to fix some bugs that emerged with the recent release of iOS 16) e iPadwhose important iPadOS 16 update now seems to be in the pipeline.

Apple update
Apple update (Unsplash)

Apple’s software strategies embrace the entire category of hardware products placed on the market by the Cupertino company, including those apparently secondary and in some ways unsuspected, such as accessories.

And so, two years after its debut, the MagSafe charger is ready to receive a new update. An important update, if we want to be honest, considering the content that the new firmware will take on, marked by version number The release has already started and is gradually affecting all models on the market.

In particular, the update will make the magnetic charger compatible with the series as well iPhone 12 and later modelsas well as with headphones Second generation AirPods Profresh from the official announcement together with Apple Watch Series 8 and the brand new Apple Watch Ultra.

An important move, which takes on further value considering the number of updates that the magazine has received MagSafe: just three from 2020. Implicit sign of a product that does not need further corrections, however, as it does not have major bugs.

In any case, the relevance of the software must be emphasized: it is the latter sector that allows you to enhance a specific topic and unlock additional features, such as those of MagSafe. Thanks to the new firmware, in fact, it is possible to detect and recognize the various connected devices, managing charging times and methods in the most efficient way.

Although not specified, it is likely that the new update will also affect the owners of the new ones iPhone 14arrived in Italy for a few weeks now (more recent is the debut of the Plus model, which replaced the Mini version).

How to check MagSafe charger firmware

Apple update
Apple (AdobeStock)

But what needs to be done to install the new update? Nothing. Just like the AirPods, the update is detected in standalone mode. The more curious, however, can verify the installation of the update by following this simple procedure.

First, connect the iPhone to the charger MagSafe and launch the Settings app on your smartphone. Now go to “General” and select the “Info” item, then scroll down to find the “Apple MagSafe Charger” and click on it. At this point you will find the firmware version (remember that the latest one just released is

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