Doubling gaming performance on a shoestring budget

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When the budget is limited to build a gaming PC, it is necessary to apply ingenuity in the choice of processors and configuration to get the most out of the investment made. José Luis Fernández, Technology Manager of Kingston Technology for the Southern Cone shares this advice to build an affordable gaming PC that offers superior performance.

The first PC component to choose is the processor. It is recommended that it be a fairly popular one that comes with integrated video, such as the AMD Ryzen models and its newer brother: the Ryzen 5600G.

These types of processors have the particularity that they incorporate both CPU and GPU cores, allowing them to run most games. The particularity in this case is that the two types of cores share access to RAM memory, which makes this resource especially critical.

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Improving performance with RAM memory

While it is always important to configure RAM memory properly for use by the CPU, in the case of the GPU, the bandwidth to memory has a much greater impact on the performance obtained. And this is where the secret is and it’s called Dual Channel: by using 2 identical modules instead of just one, the bandwidth between the processor and memory is doubled and this causes a huge impact on performance especially in games and With just this small change in settings you can double the FPS (frames per second) in most games.

We were able to verify this recently with a test where a live demo was run that showed the difference on the same PC using a 16 GB RAM module against 2 8 GB modules. Performance went from a meager 30 FPS (which is considered barely playable) to around 60 FPS which is considered optimal for non-competitive gaming.

This is excellent news for “Budget gamers” because there is practically no price difference between buying eg. 2 Kingston FURY Beast 3200 modules of 8GB, and only 1 module of 16GB with identical characteristics.

With only 1 memory module, the performance is barely adequate for gaming.

In Dual channel mode, DOOM eternal can be properly enjoyed at a comfortable 66 FPS.

Obviously the type and frequency of the memories also matter, with 3200 MT/s being the standard supported by AMD Ryzen processors, and if we look for higher frequency modules we will be able to increase performance even more (although not by such a massive percentage).

To get the most out of your PC, Kingston and AMD offer the following recommendations:

  • Use the latest BIOS and graphics driver versions up to date (depending on the manufacturer).
  • Use latest version of chipset driver.
  • Keep your operating system up to date to greatly improve performance and support.

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