Draconid meteor shower: how and when to see it

The second october meteor shower has already started. It is about the Draconids, one of the most fleeting and short meteor showers of all those that can be seen throughout the year. Here all the details to enjoy them.

Every year, at the beginning of October, the Draconids can be seen. This happens because the earthwith its translation movement, passes through a ring of fragments detached from a comet. It is 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, which also gives the name to these shooting stars of giacobinids, as explained by the National Geographic Institute, IGN.

On the other hand, they are called Draconids because the origin or radiant of these stars is located in the constellation of Draco or Dragon.

When to see the Draconids

The Draconid meteor shower is one of the shortest of the year: it only lasts four days. In 2022, this meteor shower begins on October 6, so its show lasts until Monday 10. This meteor shower is visible in the northern hemisphere and the best day to contemplate them It’s the 8th of this month.

Throughout the night, the Draconids hover above the horizon. Is meteor shower is rated as “modest”, since about 20 meteors are usually seen per hour at a speed of 20 kilometers per second. However, they will share the sky with another meteor shower: the Orionids.

How to see the Draconids

The IGN predicts that 2022 is “a bad year” to observe the Draconids. This happens because they almost coincide with the maximum of the full moon phase of October or the Hunter’s Moon, which will be on the 9th. Therefore, the Moon is expected to prevent observing them correctly.

However, when occur simultaneously with the Orionids, you can try going to a dark place, away from light pollution, to see them. In addition, it is recommended to stay away from buildings or cables that make vision difficult and always look at the opposite side of the Moon.


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