Elon Musk shows an image and video taken from a SpaceX Starlink satellite

Elon Musk shows an image and video taken from a SpaceX Starlink satellite

Not just manned missions (like Crew-5), SpaceX it is also busy with other satellite launches, including Starlink dedicated to high-speed, low-latency Internet connectivity. There are currently 3179 such satellites in orbit with 3133 actually active. The company of Elon Musk it has launched a total of 3451 even if this is only the beginning, given that the satellite constellation should reach 20 thousand units when it is complete.


In the coming years, the launch of the second generation satellites will be entrusted mainly to Starship thanks to its remarkable ability to carry a greater payload into orbit than Falcon 9 (the latter, however, could still be used for some modified second generation units). In the past few hours just Elon Musk first shared a picture and a short video of what “they see” the Starlink satellites shortly after the release from the second stage. A little curiosity.

The new video and image taken from a SpaceX Starlink satellite

It was not known until now that satellites of this type had a video camera on board for filming. Usually during the official streaming of SpaceX it was possible to see what was recorded by a video camera located on the second stage of the Falcon 9 until the time of separation of the satellites from the latter.


In the blue circle some Starlink satellites in phase of deployment, in red the second stage

From the video and image released by Elon Musk instead you can see a new point of view, that of a Starlink satellite. As reported by Musk himself, in the image and in the video you can see (although not clearly) some satellites after the release and also the second stage of Falcon 9 while it carries out an ignition of the engines for re-entry into the atmosphere and subsequent disintegration.

The second stage can be seen in the upper right (visible as a white dot moving away quickly)

As reported by some users, from 1 April 2022 it is no longer necessary to apply for a license from NOAA to insert cameras on board satellites for technical monitoring of payload separation, management of rocket stages and other operations (even if there are some operations that still require authorization). That’s probably why SpaceX it does not appear in the list of those who had requested it in the past. This could therefore be a novelty inserted in the last units of Starlink and not present before 2022.

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