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In November 2019 Google bought Fitbit, and that triggered rumors about the development of a smartwatch ‘made by Google’. Those expectations have been slow to come true, but today we have with us the new Google Pixel Watch.

This smart watch arrives with a striking design, but its specifications are probably more modest of what many of us would expect from a device that wants to be a benchmark. The question, as we indicated in his presentation, is whether it will not end up being just another watch.

Google Pixel Watch data sheet



AMOLED 3D Corning Glass 5

320 PPI, DCI-P3 color

Up to 1000 nits of brightness

Always on Display


exynos 9110






Compass, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope

Optical heart rate sensor

blood oxygen sensor

Multipurpose electrical sensor (ECG)

ambient light sensor


Bluetooth 5.0

Wi-Fi 802.11n

4G / LTE (optional)


integrated microphone

integrated speaker




Fitbit integration



Operating system

Wear OS 3.5

Compatible with Android 8.0 or higher devices

Dimensions and weight

41 (diameter) x 12.3 (height) mm

36g (without strap)

A distinctive and very, very round design

Google has hardly revealed data from its smart watch in recent months, but at least we did know what design it would have when he presented it almost in ‘teaser’ format in May, during his Google I/O event.

This design stands out in the first place for a round format. Google thus maintains the philosophy that differentiated watches with WearOS from that Apple Watch that proposed the almost square format.

Screenshot 2022 10 06 At 16 10 43

The finish, however, is curious, and compared to other manufacturers that give their watches a round case that surrounds the screen, here the screen seems to conquer all. The Pixel Watch case is available in black, silver, and gold finishes.

Screenshot 2022 10 06 At 16 10 09

There is actually a circular frame that does surround it, but of course the oval of the screen appears to be self-contained. On the right side we find a button that barely protrudes, and a circular crown that also rotates to navigate through the interface.

Screenshot 2022 10 06 At 16 10 32

The straps will be interchangeablealthough they will do so with a curious Google-proprietary mechanism that is inspired by the way in which the lenses are attached to the bodies of a camera.

Screenshot 2022 10 06 At 16 10 27

In the back you can see the sensors that allow monitoring, for example, the heart rate, The glass that dominates the design, by the way, is protected thanks to a Gorilla Glass layer.

The battery, they assure in Google, allows to obtain an autonomy that will make accompany us all day No problem. Its capacity is 294 mAh, and it is recharged through a magnetic base with a USB-C connection. Charging time is about 80 minutes to 100%.

If the hardware isn’t that important, maybe the software is.

The specifications of this Pixel Watch may be below what we could expect, especially in terms of its processor. What does seem clear is that there will be important features in the field of software.

Screenshot 2022 10 06 At 16 48 19

And it is that in addition to fitness tracking —with options such as reporting “minutes in the active zone”— the watch will allow us to check addresses, make mobile payments (with Google Wallet), or make or receive calls (in the model with LTE connectivity).

Special mention deserves the relevance of the Google assistant, which is another element that wants to shine with its own light in this smartwatch. Use voice for home automation functions and take advantage of the potential of revamped Google Home app They will now be a remarkable option for their users.

Pixel Watch 3

In the health section, it will also come into action cleaner integration with Fitbit options. Thus, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels (SpO2) or the electrocardiogram function will be available, although to activate some of them we will need a Fitbit account. We also have a premiere in the Play Store of an application for the Google Pixel Watch.

Every Pixel Watch includes six months of Fitbit Premiumwhich comes with exercise routines, health and activity reports and other options.

In 2023 these watches will also receive an update that will allow them to be used for detect falls and call emergency services in those cases.

Versions and availability of the Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch will not be available in Spain initially. It is already available in the United States, where the price is

  • PixelWatch(Bluetooth/WiFi): $349.99.
  • Pixel Watch (LTE, Bluetooth/WiFi): $399.99.

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