Fulqrum details The Pegasus Expedition Early Access, starts this month

A 4x narrative-driven sci-fi adventure The Pegasus Expedition launches in early access on October 20 with its 20+ hour campaign.

Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks announce today that The Pegasus Expeditionthe grand story-driven sci-fi strategy title, will now launch as an Early Access title via Steam, GOG.com, and the Epic Games Store on October 20.

At launch time, players will have access to the full main story campaign with around 20 hours of gameplay and will receive additional content updates, new features, and quality of life changes based on community feedback as part of the Early Access roadmap, including four new ones. scenarios, each of which will function as a mini-campaign that introduces amazing new scenarios and new twists on the 4X game.

Expedition Early Access Roadmap pegasus (Estimated dates)

  • Content Update #1: Scattered Empires – Dec 2022/Jan 2023
  • Content Update #2: In the Center of It All
  • Content Update #3: Rise of the Empire
  • Content Update #4: The Exodus
  • Full Release: The Purge – 2023

The Pegasus Expedition is a great story-driven sci-fi strategy game set in a key moment for the survival of humanity. Facing an overwhelming threat at home, humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy in a final desperate attempt to find a haven for Earth’s population, only to find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war they inadvertently started.

Building on the legacy of the grand strategy genre, the game adds a strong narrative side to the classic 4X game that involves managing your diplomatic ties, armies, economy, and scientific development.

Pegasus Expedition will be released for PC as a pre-order title via Steam, GOG.com, and the Epic Games Store on October 20.

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