Google Pixel sales revealed, and they're a disappointment to fans

Google is one of the companies that does not publish how many units of each product it sells, and this is why speculation has always existed regarding how many phones they sell compared to their competition.

But today, Vlad Savov of Bloomberg has published that with information from the IDC, it is estimated that Google has sold a mere 27.6 million units of Pixel phones from the first to the sixth generation since 2016.

This, compared to the greats of the industry, is very little, since in its entire life Google manages to sell only 10% of what Samsung does in a single year. And to put this in perspective, Google would have to sell 60 years to achieve what Samsung sells in one.

Perhaps this is why we have seen how Google expands its phone portfolio by launching the A series, where its sales seem to be better directed towards larger numbers, but unfortunately at the moment it does not have a way to compete in numbers.

In this way, it may be time for Google to expand its phones to more markets in terms of availability, but if it happens or not, that is only known in the company.

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