Google Pixel Watch, the company's first smartwatch

It does not have a release date yet, but we have already seen what Google’s first smart watch is like, the Pixel Watchwith a domed dial, changing straps with a magnetic system and, as is usual in this type of device, a wide range of functionalities designed to monitor health and physical exercise.

During the presentation event of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the company has confirmed that its tablets will not arrive until next 2023 and has broken down the characteristics of its Pixel Watchwhich will be integrated into an ecosystem of products that it is developing around its mobile phones, the Pixels.

The Google Pixel Watch has a color crown and screen and finishes in black, gold and silver. It is customizable with different straps, either classic style (metal or leather) or plastic with different colors (among them, lime green or coral, present in other devices of the brand).

It allows you to access and control from the wrist some of the basic options of Pixel phones (contacts, calendars or manage calls by voice commands) and you can also use the various technological applications, from the calendar to Gmail, through Drive or Maps.


The watch has features for health monitoring such as step counting, heart rate monitoring and heart rate or blood oxygen, as well as a heart rate monitoring system. sleep (with parameters such as sleep quality or recommendations on the type of rest needed after physical activity).

Like others smartwatches of the market, includes detection sensors of falls (with sending notification for the user to confirm that it is okay) or direct access to emergency telephone numbers.

Physical exercise

The watch has specific options for athletes, with more than 1,000 types of activities and more than 400 pieces of exercises mindfulness.

All users who purchase it will have free access to Fitbit Premium for six months and, in addition, three months of YouTube Music Premium.

For now it is unknown when it will hit the market and if it will be in Spanish, but in the coming weeks it can be reserved on the Google website for $349.99 (version with Bluetooth and WiFi) and $399.99 the model with LTE connectivity.

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