GTA 5: It takes a player 3 years to complete a 'pacifist' game

Pacifist matches are a type of challenge that requires you to complete a game without killing enemies, or at least as few as possible. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend, just cause the lowest number of kills possible. YouTuber Matthew”DarkViperAU“Judge has spent three years trying to accomplish this goal in Grand Theft Auto V and has come to a conclusion: You need to kill at least 96 enemies.

A hundred deaths may not be exactly “pacifist” but the players of GTA know that it is outright impossible to avoid some deaths if they wish to progress through the story, so the DarkViperAU can be taken as the minimum datum if we want to avoid gratuitous killing.

Mind you, getting this game took more than 1000 hours studying how to take advantage of stealth, patience and AI behaviors. For example, many of the matchups involved using allied NPCs or accidentally getting enemies killed. DarkViperAU intends to return to some missions to check if there are strategies that will further reduce this number.

Pacifist game of GTA 5 with the m

A game that exceeds 165 million copies sold

In the middle of the year Rockstar announced that GTA 5 exceeded 165 million since its release in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. grand theft auto 6 it’s official and development is on schedule, it hasn’t been affected by the leak of material from an early version. The hacker would have been arrested, although it seems that he managed to sell the source code of GTA 5 on the black market.

GTA Online keeps updating regularly with new content, missions, vehicles, discounts and rewards.

Pacifist game of GTA 5 with the m

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