GTA 6: The announcement date of the game by Rockstar revealed by an insider?

Game News GTA 6: The announcement date of the game by Rockstar revealed by an insider?

A known insider in the GTA community claims that Rockstar planned to announce GTA 6 at the end of the GTA Online Halloween event.

After the data leaks following Rockstar hackthe enthusiasm around the announcement of GTA 6 has largely been revived. If we don’t have an official date yet, a recognized insider could have given some clues…

GTA 6 announced during GTA Online Halloween event?

Tez2 is a known member of the GTA communityin particular because he revealed several times information about GTA and Rockstar (for example, he had announced the cancellation of the remasters of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption). The insider recently posted on GTAForums relating to the GTA 6 announcement. last augusthe said there was a “great chance” that the GTA Online Halloween event is the occasion that Rockstar had chosen to announce its next blockbuster. According to him, the famous never-before-seen photo discovered by players in GTA Trilogy Definitive Editionin the Lil’Probe’Inn, showing a Vice City house and a UFO would be linked to this announcement. Indeed, it has already been reported that This Year’s Halloween Event in GTA Online Will Orbit UFOs that appear in the game. Tez2 seems to confirm…

GTA 6: The announcement date of the game by Rockstar revealed by an insider?

On GTAForums he writes:

“When is the UFO event going to start?”

Saturday October 15, 2022.

There are 17 stages in the “UFO sighting” event, so 17 days of UFO sighting. The last should wrap up the event on Halloween day, of course.

Last year’s UFO sightings lasted for the same number of days.

The Fort Zancudo UFO, unlike the normal pattern of UFOs, will appear on Sunday, October 23, 2022.


“Dude, is it reliable?”

The game on GTA Online? Yes.

GTA 6 which would be clearly announced during the UFO event on GTA? Not that much. It’s only speculation. Speculation based on Rockstar teasing/placing the mysterious photo of a house, presumably from GTA 6, in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. And the picture showed a UFO flying over that house.

Of course, now that Rockstar has experienced a security breach, plans have obviously changed. It’s unclear if this means the announcement will be made sooner or if the breach postponed the announcement.

GTA 6: The announcement date of the game by Rockstar revealed by an insider?

Rockstar likes to make announcements in October…

So while he’s not saying anything for sure, referring to what he said back in August that the GTA 6 announcement would take place during this event, it’s for soon ! It can be expected that the end of the UFO event in GTA Online, October 31, the occasion chosen by Rockstar to announce GTA 6. Especially if we refer to a few dates: GTA V was announced on October 25 2011, Red Dead Redemption II was announced on October 16 2016, and GTA Vice City (city in which several rumors claim that GTA 6 will take place) will have 20 years old on October 29 2022. Rockstar seems to like October a lot for its announcements, and the anniversary of GTA Vice City adds to the fact that the GTA license celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

All of this has various members of the GTA community, insiders and observers saying that the game could be announced in the next few weeks. Or at least that’s what Rockstar had planned before the leaks… What about now? See you in GTA Online during the second half of October for the knowledge !

”Source : GTAForums

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