GTA Online Halloween updates and new modes

GTA Online Judgment Day

It’s out GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S so that people can continue playing their games of GTA Online without major problem and follow envelopes as good fans of the series. In the latter case, updates arrive with details of Halloween and new modes.

The first new mode for GTA Online is called Judgment Day and it pits a team of bikers against other people on foot in what is described as a hide-and-seek scenario.

The players who are hunted must survive until dawn while the hunters try to find them and kill them. Yes, it is something very common within this Rockstar game.

An additional detail about this mode is that hunters start with an LCC Sanctus motorcycle and various buffs such as an extra health bar, speed and a double-barreled shotgun and other items to finish off their enemies.

GTA Online WAR mask
Image: Rockstar Games

To make the hunters even more broken, they have heat vision, heartbeat sense, and health regeneration when near his bike.

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Those who will be hunted will have weapons on the map that their hunters will not be able to use. Allies who fall in combat will be able to return as long as a hunter is eliminated. Resurrections are unfortunately disabled for the last minute.

GTA Online Judgment Day Gives Double GTA$ & RP

As always, these kinds of events come with rewards, which serve to encourage you to play. For GTA Online Judgment Day, players will receive Double GTA$ & RP as well as an extra 300K in Grand Theft Auto Online currency if they win three rounds.

Those who enter to play the popular Rockstar Games service will receive the War skin that is part of the Judgment Day mode. You will also have the return of vehicles alluding to Halloween. All cars will be available from the first of January.

There is a lot to do in this title of RockstarGames, so there is no excuse not to play. Excited by the news? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments. Remember that we walk in Twitter, Facebook, Discord and that you can see all our news through Google news.

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