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With its mobile application L’Identité Numérique, La Poste makes your life easier. From now on, you can prove your identity in a few seconds when you carry out your administrative procedures online, but not only. We explain to you…

As the French carry out more and more administrative procedures via their smartphones or computers, their exposure to cyber-threats is increasing exponentially. The risks of hacking, viruses or malicious software are now part of the daily lives of Internet users and identity theft is no longer to be classified as a rare phenomenon. Internet security has definitely become a major issue in our hyper-connected era and this is why La Poste has designed a universal and free means of connection allowing you to identify yourself quickly and securely: The Digital Identity Job.

Discover La Poste Digital Identity

What is La Poste Digital Identity?

La Poste has been committed for many years to responsible digital technology that is accessible to all. As a universal, neutral, local and lasting player for all French people, it was almost logical for La Poste to create a means of connection allowing people to prove their identity in a few seconds directly online and in an ultra-secure way. It is because La Poste is committed to digital for all that it offers a universal and inclusive electronic identity solution based on three identity verification options, each guaranteeing reinforced control of the identity of people: face to face carried out at home by a postman, at the post office or directly online.

Based on a unique combination of an identifier, a mobile application and a four-digit secret code, Digital ID is the digital equivalent of presenting an ID face to face. This will allow you to save time during your online administrative procedures but also in your daily life. La Poste Digital Identity protects you from the risk of identity theft thanks to a double authentication system. It’s about most secure means of electronic identification offered in France because certified in accordance with the substantial guarantee level of the European eIDAS regulation. Concretely, with each connection attempt, the user receives a notification from La Poste’s Digital Identity on his smartphone. It’s him ? He validates by entering his mobile number and his 4-digit secret code. If he suspects a risk of fraud, the user can block his Digital Identity at any time. Thus, La Poste’s Digital Identity limits the risk of identity fraud for both the customer and the company.

In which situations should I use La Poste Digital Identity?

With the possibility of identifying oneself easily and securely in a few seconds, Digital Identity is an asset in everyday life. You have access to more than 1,300 public services online via FranceConnect, to many La Poste services and many others. Are you still struggling to realize the usefulness of Digital Identity? A few more concrete examples should allow you to see things a little more clearly.

Discover La Poste Digital Identity

When receiving an electronic registered letter, there is no need to fill out long forms: in a few seconds with La Poste Digital Identity, your identity is proven and you get your letter back.

Your identity card has expired and you need to renew it? Here again, you can count on La Poste’s Digital Identity to save you precious time and make it easier for you to access your online procedures. Just go to the ANTS website and:

  • Click on the “Log in with FranceConnect” button
  • Click on the “Digital Identity” button
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Receive a notification on your smartphone
  • Confirm the connection request by entering the 4-digit secret code in the Digital Identity application
  • Follow the steps for renewing the identity card

Who has never gone to a post office to pick up a Colissimo only to realize, once there, that they have forgotten their identity document at home? Thanks to Digital Identity, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have your ID on you since it allows you to prove your identity in seconds directly from your smartphone.

Finally, Digital Identity gives you even easier access to your Digiposte safe, this service which brings together all your administrative data on a single interface. Security is, of course, enhanced.

In short, Digital Identity allows you to save a remarkable amount of time during your online procedures, and all this in a secure way. Within seconds, your identity is proven. A real relief on a daily basis.

Discover La Poste Digital Identity

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