Having a performing battery has become essential for any type of smartphone. In addition to the technical specifications, there is also a useful trick to be able to safeguard it as much as possible

There are those who use it for work, those for leisure, those to share content on social networks and those simply to call other people. The smartphone it is one of the indispensable tools in everyone’s daily life, for a constantly evolving phenomenon.

iPhone battery 20221005 mobiles.it
If you want to save your smartphone battery and have a good autonomy, there are some useful tricks (Adobe Stock)

Among the main elements to take into account when deciding to purchase a new item, the battery should not be underestimated. Having a good autonomy throughout the day allows you not to get too many problems, being able to stay away from home all day without having to hang up the phone to a power outlet. There are some useful tricks that will allow you not to ruin the cell.

IPhone battery, here’s how not to ruin it

It is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topics ever for iPhone owners: battery life. If you also have one, you will surely have noticed that – as time goes by since the purchase – the autonomy of the iPhone is gradually decreasing.

iPhone battery 20221005 mobiles.it
Here are some useful tricks that will guarantee you a better autonomy (Adobe Stock)

If the latest models are capable of ensure good autonomy throughout the day, a different speech must be made for older ones. However, there are some useful tricks that will allow you not to ruin the cell and to obtain better performance from the point of view of duration.

The first big move in this regard is to activate the function of Energy saving. The latter can be activated from Settings or shortcuts, with the battery charge indicator turning yellow. Once set, the activity carried out in the background is reduced and therefore more autonomy is guaranteed.

Another effective method is lower the screen brightness independently, always by going to Settings, Display and brightness and then dragging the bar indicator. Also useful deactivate both bluetooth and localization, which often work “secretly” and consume a lot of energy. It may also be useful to disable background updates from the App Store. Finally, in emergency situations when you are away from home and need to save those few percentage points of battery left, we advise you to temporarily select the Flight mode. It too can be found in the quick commands menu, swiping down from the top right corner.

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