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Hideo Kojima is probably one of the best known and respected creatives in the industry, creator of games like Metal Gear Solid and his latest adventure Death Stranding, he has been somewhat away from the spotlight, surely busy with his next title.

Despite the lack of official information, it has been said on different occasions that Hideo Kojima would no longer be working with Sony and that an alliance would have been established between Kojima Productions and Microsoft to finance his next game and be exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Recently a well-known journalist from Windows Central called Miles Dompier, reaffirmed that Kojima would already be working on this supposed new game for Xbox, in his statements the journalist also commented that the game is barely in the early stages of development and that it would be difficult watch an ad soon.

However, he believes that we could see some kind of advance or teaser at The Game Awards, due, among other things, to the friendly relationship he has with his presenter and organizer Geoff Keighley, so perhaps we would not be as far away from an announcement as expected. believe.

We will have to be attentive and hope that during the next few months we can see something new from Hideo Kojima, hoping that the creative will surprise again, hopefully in a good way, the fans and the industry.

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