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There is no doubt for anyone that the Xbox Game Pass service has been a revelation and exposure for small video game developers, who have had a huge reception thanks to the visibility that the service provides. This is the case of Let’s Build A Zoo, which is currently selling very well on Nintendo Switch, thanks in large part to Xbox Game Pass, obtaining great benefits for its developers.

Through his official Twitter account, the director of the No More Robots studio, Mike Rosedelivered some clear and insightful thoughts on what’s been going on with his game, as the exposure and sales it’s had is frankly huge. The game has already made $1 million in revenue over the last week, bringing it to $3 million in total. if last year’s PC release is included. In addition to this, more than 250,000 players have downloaded and played Let’s Build a Zoo with Xbox Game Pass, which is frankly a success.

Let’s Build A Zoo is selling very well on Nintendo Switch, thanks in large part to Xbox Game Pass

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A large part of these excellent numbers is due to Xbox Game Pass, since it has served as a catapult for other players to know the game and want to take it everywhere in a portable way, as is the case with the Nintendo Switch. Mike Rose has detailed the following (translated): “We had a notable number of people tell us, ‘I played it on Game Pass, then I picked it up on Switch because I wanted to play it on the bus/in bed/on the go’ etc.” Cross-promotion between Xbox and Switch has been crazy on this one.” In response to this milestone achievement, Xbox VP of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg responded to Rose, saying “it was wonderful to hear the news.”

Incredible news for Let’s Build A Zoo, which despite being an indie title, has enough merits to be a great and addictive game, being completely enjoyable on all platforms, especially Game Pass. Undoubtedly, a great achievement also for Mike Rose and No More Robots, who has ensured that Much more content is coming for the title in the coming months.

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