Logitech G502 X, the review of the restyling of the iconic gaming mouse

A real icon in the field of gaming mice makes its return with a redesigned version. Let’s find out the Logitech G502 X together in this review.

While it is true that the Logitech G502 has made history a bit gaming mouse on PC in recent years, managing to conquer many users thanks to the solidity of a project that left practically nothing to chance, then one wonders how it was possible to improve it and, above all, if it was worth trying. A redesign operation can also turn out to be unfortunate, after all.

However, the Swiss company has not raised the problem too much and has launched on the market a new line inspired by that icon made up of three different mice: a “basic” and wired one; one wireless; and finally a third one equipped not only with wireless connectivity but also with an RGB lighting system.

A modular offer in all respects and for all budgets, which starts from € 94.99 for the basic version to reach € 179 for the Plus model. Logitech G520 X review.

Technical features

Logitech G502 X seen from the left side

Logitech G502 X seen from the left side

The Logitech G520 X is the entry-level model of the new line, featuring a wired USB-A connection and a asymmetrical design intended exclusively for use with the right hand. In fact, on the left side of the device there is a comfortable housing for the thumb, covered by a rubberized section that guarantees the right grip. There are no RGB lights, just the elegantly silkscreened Logitech logo on the body.

One of the designers’ priorities was to reduce the weight compared to the original G520, and it can be said that this goal has been hit great: with its 89 grams, the new model is substantially lighter, without competing with devices designed specifically for this. It is no coincidence that the structure maintains a certain rigidity, the plastics are not too thin and the “toy” effect is avoided in favor of an excellent seal on the mat.

The technical features more interesting, however, reside in the components of the mouse, thanks to the use of Lightforce switch with optical-mechanical hybrid technologywhich manage to combine precision and feedback in a single solution, and the Hero 25K sensor with its resolution up to 25,600 dpi equipped with filters for the elimination of smoothing, acceleration and filtering phenomena.

Net of a simply rubberized cable, which contrasts with the quality of the other solutions adopted, the Logitech G520 X can count on eleven programmable buttonsfive profiles that can be stored (all through the free Logitech G Hub software) and a particular attention to practicality that manifests itself in the presence of two different buttons for adjusting the DPI: one as usual near the scroller, the other placed on the side but removable, complete with a cover to close the hole.

Logitech G502 X datasheet

  • Design: asymmetrical, right-handed
  • Switch: Lightforce optical-mechanical hybrids
  • Connectivity: Wired USB
  • Sensor: Hero 25K optic
  • Resolution: up to 25,600 dpi
  • Programmable: yes, five profiles
  • Dimensions: 131.4 x 79.2 x 41.1mm
  • Weight: 89 grams
  • Price: € 94.99


Logitech G502 X seen from above

Logitech G502 X seen from above

The Logitech G502 X design stands as an evolution of the G502, with more daring solutions in some situations. The designers have renounced the “corridor” that in the previous model crossed the two main buttons and then opened in the middle of the device, taking up however the idea of ​​the “channel” that closes from the sides to converge in the palm area.

The result manages to be modern and elegant without extremes, keeping the color completely black and renouncing in this basic version, as mentioned, RGB lighting. The risky placement of the extra keys remains: two accessible with the index finger, two at the side with the thumb; these last subjects during our tests to some involuntary clicks, but it is also and above all a matter of habit.

Logitech G502 X seen from above

Logitech G502 X seen from above

The important thing is that Logitech has not skimped on the quality of the plastics, which despite the low weight, as already mentioned equal to 89 grams, are sufficiently robust to the touch and pressure, without therefore giving us the feeling of an economic device. As for the sizethe G520 X measures 131.4 x 79.2 x 41.1mm.

Logitech G502 X Lightspeed

In addition to the base model, we were also able to test the Logitech G502 X Lightspeed, therefore the model equipped with wireless connectivity with Lightspeed technology and a price equal to 165 €: a figure dangerously close to doubling that required for the smooth G502 X, and that you will probably want to spend only and exclusively where wireless operation is a priority for you absolute. The characteristics of the two devices are in fact identical, with the difference obviously of a weight that reaches 99.7 grams on the Lightspeed due to the internal battery, which guarantees an autonomy of up to 140 hours.

The Logitecht G502 X in Lightspeed version, wireless

The Logitecht G502 X in Lightspeed version, wireless

Experience of use

Logitech G502 X challenged

Logitech G502 X challenged

Our test of the Logitech G502 X lasted for about a couple of weeks, therefore more than enough time to become familiar with the characteristics of the mouse and appreciate the improvements made to theuser experience compared to the previous version. It remains well anchored on the mat and the side buttons, as mentioned, give rise to involuntary clicks only during the first hours.

The device turned out accurate and reliable in all contexts, from web browsing to simple photo editing, although the scroller in “click” mode returns a very rough and unpleasant sensation. Nothing to say instead in the gaming field, with our now traditional focus on battle royale like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. Well, with both shooters the G502 X proved to be effective, well planted on the ground and able to best support our needs.


Logitech G502 X stands as an excellent reinterpretation of the previous model, which at a higher price matches improved features in terms of design and ergonomics: the mouse boasts an aesthetic that is both modern and elegant, and is substantially lighter without be toyy, indeed. Under the body, the components remain precise and reliable, and the functions that the device makes available are sufficient for any need.


  • Nice to see and to hold
  • Excellent components, precise and reactive
  • A complete feature set


  • Unpleasant scroller in snap mode
  • The standard rubberized cable is a little out of place
  • A few involuntary clicks with the extra side buttons

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