Nueva comparativa del gameplay del Dead Space Remake con el original

New comparison of the gameplay of the Dead Space Remake with the original

This year 2022 is being very intense in terms of important video game releases, something that will continue from this same month of September until the exact moment we put our feet in 2023.

One of those that will come to our PCs and our next-generation consoles is the title known as The Callisto Protocol, which will have to compete just a month later with the arrival of Dead Space Remake on the same market from January 27.

Dead Space Remake visually surpasses the original

We are already in the final stage of the year and it is normal that we begin to see news of games in development that are about to be released, this includes both this and the aforementioned The Callisto Protocol, in the case of the spiritual successor of the EA saga.

Just two days ago we had a new preview in which a gameplay trailer of the title was finally shown, clearly showing the great improvements over the original, something that we can see more clearly in the latest comparison published on the ElAnalistaDeBits channel, in which we can look like Dead Space Remake It surpasses the original in several technical aspects, but also in technologies and details that are not seen with the naked eye.

Dead Space Remake is one of the first releases of 2023 that people are most looking forward to and we really want to get our hands on this return of the Visceral Games saga.

New gameplay comparison of Dead Space Remake with the original - A new video has been published in which we can see the comparison of the new gameplay of Dead Space Remake with the original game.

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