Nuovo aggiornamento per Google Play System: tanti bug corretti e ottimizzazioni per lo store

Just a few days away from the release of the October security patches for its Pixel smartphones, Google decided to focus on the whole Google Play ecosystem (i.e. the store and the Play Services for all devices with the Android operating system): here, then Play System October Update is now available.

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As mentioned, this update it’s not just about the Play Store app that we find on all Android smartphones, but even Google Play Servicesthat is the series of services that allow apps to integrate with the Google ecosystem and, especially in the case of this update, devices with Android TV and Google TV.

The Google Play System update of October 2022 brings with it bug fixes related to the Android TV platformmany optimizations regarding the download and installation of apps through the Play Store and finally a reminder for system updates not yet installed on Android TV.

This is the complete changelog of the update:

  • Critical fixes
    • [TV] Bug fixes for system management and diagnostics related services.
  • Google Play Store
    • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love.
    • Optimizations that enable faster and more reliable downloads and installation.
    • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to protect your device.
    • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security, stability and accessibility improvements.
  • System management
    • Updates to system management services that improve device performance and network utilization.
    • [TV] A reminder window for pending system updates has been added.

All changes for Android TV will be implemented starting with version 40.22 of the Google Play Serviceswhile Play Store improvements and optimizations will be rolled out with Google Play Store 32.5. To manually force the installation of the update, just go to Settings> Google> More> System updates.

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