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Although millions of people enjoyed the game, the launch did not meet your expectations, nor ours.” starts by acknowledging the development team ofOverwatch 2 in a message published today on the game’s official forum. This observation made, Blizzard details, point by point, all the measures implemented or brought to be to respond to the problems that arose at the launch of its title and appease the discontent they have aroused. Starting with its two-step SMS authentication process, applied to everyone. Originally, this verification was intended to discourage harmful players from making games worse and to prevent the creation of multiple accounts.

But many of the first hour faithful complained about this method, while others, newcomers as veterans of the first opus, simply could not pass this stage. Because the authentication process put in place by Blizzard simply did not recognize the phone numbers linked to certain pre-paid plans. To respond – at least in part – to this outcry, Blizzard has announced that as of tomorrow SMS authentication will no longer concern players on the first Overwatch with a connected Battle.net account, with the company stating that “includes all players who have played since June 9, 2021“. For the others, the measure is maintained but Blizzard does not specify in its press release what response it intends to provide to the authentication problems of pre-paid packages.

The second major problem to have caught Blizzard’s attention: that of server saturation, endless queues and untimely disconnections. The measures taken by Blizzard are threefold. First, until now, players have been split into two queues, one through Battle.net and the other through the game itself, although this has remained invisible to them. And this had the consequence of changing the order of passage of certain players and moving them away from the moment when they could finally enter the game. However, Blizzard has already made a simplification of the queuing process , so that there is only one. Secondly, a patch has been deployed on a server essential to the proper functioning of identifications with the direct benefit of stabilizing the process, while a second patch aimed at reducing the risk of disconnection during the game is currently in the works. Finally, the player database being overloaded, Blizzard will continue to add nodes in order to limit the stress of the system.

Finally, Blizzard specifies that the problems of disappearance of progression and collections of objects is only apparent. Indeed, the problem would actually come from an unfinished merger of the accounts of the players concerned, due to a bug not sending a prompt to that effect. All of the progress acquired would therefore be well and truly saved and a patch restoring this functionality would have been deployed earlier today.

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