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We are already on the verge of a new event in Overwatch, since it was finally announced that Winter Wonderlands will return to Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter, a seasonal event that will fill several of its maps with color and snow, and where its classic brawls will return and we will have new legendary skins.

During yesterday and today we have been able to see the legendary skins for D.Va and a couple of hours ago for Orisa, and recently one more has been revealed, which will correspond to Genji, which will be called Ice Wraith Genji and which has been published by the official account in Overwatch Twitter.

Flow like water, cold as ice.

As we can see, the skin modifies various parts of Genji’s armor, his Shurikens and his Katana, shaping an ice entity with blue tones that leave a very interesting style in the Overwatch ninja, and like other legendary skins, it can be purchased for 3,000 in-game currency, as well as appear inside special Winter Wonderlands loot boxes.

Finally, it should be remembered that the Winter Wonderlands 2021 event in Overwatch will begin on December 16 and will last until January 6, 2022, so we will have enough time to obtain practically all the event’s collectibles.

Overwatch is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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