Persona 5 Royal will receive a card game in 2023

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One of the most popular franchises of the moment is undoubtedly Person, which has surprised with each of its deliveries and has a promising future with the launch of some of its games on new consoles this month. However, its managers have just confirmed that it will also receive a card game next year.

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As you surely remember, Person 3 Portable Y Person 4 Golden will arrive on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles on October 21, while Person 5 Royal It will do the same in all of them and on PlayStation 5.

Now, it has just been announced that the saga will receive a cooperative card game in 2023 thanks to a collaboration between ATLUS and Pandasaurus Games, which will have a theme of Person 5 Royal.

Here you can see the only revealed image:

The game will come next year
The game will come next year

This card game Person 5 Royal is made by Emerson Matsuuchi, who worked on other projects like Century: Eastern Wonders Y Foundations of Romeso the collectible sounds pretty promising.

It is worth mentioning that it is not yet known how this adaptation will work and we will have to wait longer to discover the details, although it was shared that each of the players will have to assume the roles of their favorite Phantom Thieves and fight to change the world.

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Finally, it was confirmed that the card game will arrive on October 21, 2023, so there is still a little over a year left for fans of the franchise to get their hands on it.

Will you give the card game a try? Tell us in the comments.

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