Pixel, Google's stab at partners in the most difficult moment

Never a name was more appropriate, Pixel. If you burn a single pixel on a television, hardly a person notices. If the pixels start to get too many the annoyance increases, and the gaze is always and only focused on those black cars.

In recent years, the Pixels did not bother: sales so-so, some too many problems (bugs) for a company like Google but above all a limited distribution and almost studied at the table so as not to be too hindrance to those companies that, using Google, they were more partners than competitors.

In short, good phones but certainly not the phones that could disturb that wonderful waltz of top-of-the-range smartphones that we witnessed at the time of the Huawei P and Mate, the OnePlus 8 and 9, the Galaxy S20 and Note 20, the Find X2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 to name a few. Phones that, for one aspect and some for the other, have marked the market, also trying to differentiate with innovative ideas such as periscope lenses, HDR screens, super-fast reloads.

Then came the crisis, a global crisis that impacted the segment of raw materials, processors, and led the euro to be weaker than the dollar. Many manufacturers have had to adapt despite themselves, and adapting means trying to save as much as possible in order to keep a competitive selling price, guaranteeing the right margin to the retailer and operator, the only way to be able to sell an expensive phone.

OnePlus, plastic body, 8 megapixel ultrawide and 2 megapixel macro at 700 euros

In recent months, the plastic shells on 800 euro phones have returned, while wireless charging, being waterproof and the ability to use eSIMs have remained “rare” and not very widespread functions. Ultra wide lenses have lost megapixels and quality, and as if that weren’t enough to fill the holes and virtually keep the number of cameras high, space for 2-megapixel macros, depth sensors and flashes disguised as cameras. Telephoto optics, too expensive.

Telephones for savings, where in order to maintain a good design it was necessary to sacrifice what is the soul, restoring splendor to a Mediatek that in recent years had become the solution for low-cost products.

The final blow came with the euro-dollar exchange rate: phones that in the original planning had to cost 599 euros were sold for 799 euros, adding rich prizes and cotillons, headphones, smart bands, fryers and more in full “Cream Mustache” style. Just look at what the smartphone market offers today to realize that the truly top-of-the-range models, those on which no saving policy has been implemented, are sold at a price well above 1000 euroswhich is always dangerous because it sees direct competition from Apple.

In a flat, solid-colored market, the pixels show up, and they start to give an incredible nuisance.

Google has chosen to launch its flagship models at the same price as the previous range, as if the change, the crisis, the taxes are not a problem for a company that earns money even when a phone with Android and Google services is sold by others.

It did so by launching phones that are not only superior on paper to almost all the models on sale today, only a handful of models are saved, but by dedicating to these models a series of attentions that only she can give, taking advantage of the fact that Android it is his and he can shape it as he sees fit.

HDR is perfectly integrated into the Android pipeline, the security part can count on the face-to-finger pair and on the support of Google’s VPN, which is no small advantage. Not to mention the photographic part, which has always been at the highest levels and now reinforced with a series of AI features that have no equal.

For an Android smartphone manufacturer orToday it is impossible to compete with Google at these prices and with products with the same characteristics: he can do it only if he loses money, and he sells at a loss. Google doesn’t even need operators: just press a button to make the banner appear on google.it explaining to all those who use its search engine, or Chrome, that your phone is the most beautiful, safest and most updated. Which is probably true.

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