So you will know who and what he is writing to on Whatsapp: the very simple trick

The very simple trick that will help you always find out who and what is writing on Whatsapp: you would never have said it was possible!

Ready to be amazed again by Whatsapp? In recent times, the instant messaging app is really in the spotlight particularly because it claims to be the star of numerous updates.

simple whatsapp trick
Simple trick for Whatsapp (Credits: Adobe)

Updates that represented a real one turning point for users who have been relying on this application for years now, from their distant beginnings, to share messages and contents of various kinds. One of the latest updatesi, launched just recently, is specifically about viewing online status. It will in fact be possible from this moment on, nhide the online status from other users. In this way we will not make it clear not only when the last access was made, but our contacts will no longer see us online. Here you find out how to set up this function. But it certainly doesn’t end there. However, this is not an update regarding what I am about to reveal but a trick that will be useful for you to know who you chat with and what they write.

Whatsapp, the simple trick to know who he’s talking to and what he’s writing

First of all, let’s clarify an important fact. And that is, it is not nice to invade the privacy of the other. Moreover, you can face penalties, so it is good to use this ‘trick’ as parents who maybe want to make sure how their children use their smartphone and to know if they are in dangerous chats or if they are unfortunately bullied.

simple whatsapp trick
Whatsapp trick (Credits: Adobe)

This is the use of an external application, called Whats Tracker downloadable from the store of your pc. Through this application, you not only know when the user was last logged into Whatsapp or when he is online (through a notification that arrives on his mobile phone), but it is also possible to know who he is chatting with in real time. At the end of the day, it is then possible to download a sort of ‘register’ to have at hand so as not to lose all the data collected.

And did you know it?

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