Super Mario Bros.  : The film reveals the design of Mario and Peach

news culture Super Mario Bros. : The film reveals the design of Mario and Peach

We now know what Mario and Peach will look like in their animated film!

the super mario bros movie. continues to unfold. After his poster, we now discover what the Mustachioed Plumber and Princess Peach will look like in the animated film.

Character design, an issue for films adapted from video games

Produced by Illuminationknown in particular for the animation of the films Moi, Moche et Méchant and Les Minions, Super Mario Bros. will be an entirely computer-generated animated film. One question, however, tormented the fans: what will our favorite heroes look like? In recent years, video game fans have sometimes been disappointed with their character designs favorites in movies. We obviously think of Sonic’s first design unveiled in his live-action film in the first place, but this is not an isolated case. It can be difficult to transition a character from one medium to another. When we go to the cinema, our expectations in terms of animations and design are different from those of a video game, even in the case of a cutscene. Despite the technological progress of gaming, with sometimes photorealistic games, in the case of more caricatural designs, even downright cartoonish, the transition is sometimes disappointing. It seems like Nintendo fans won’t have to worry too much about this

A McDo calendar reveals the appearance of Mario and Peach!

Super Mario Bros.  : The film reveals the design of Mario and Peach

Thanks in particular to the leak of a 2023 calendar intended for the McDonald’s merchandising from the movie Super Mario Bros.we were able to discover the design of Mario and Peach, in this film. If Peach is blurry enough, her looks pretty close to the latest games of the franchise. Some Internet users even find that it looks like a disney princessreferring to her face with big eyes reminiscent of some 100% CGI Disney productions like Rapunzel or Frozen.

On his side Mario is also quite close to his design of Switch gamesbut seems differ a little more. First by his hairinesssince it is more “realistic” with a detail of each hair of his mustaches and his hair that we don’t find in the games. Their color seems a bit lighter too. His clothes also gain in realism, with textures close to the fabrics we know, less cartoonish there too. We note in particular his gloves, which are one block at the wrist in games, while here they have a small dent. We understand that the film will seek to streamline these characters a bit morein this case this notch serving to justify how Mario can put on gloves with so tight wrists in the games.

Super Mario Bros.  : The film reveals the design of Mario and PeachSuper Mario Bros.  : The film reveals the design of Mario and Peach

If the absolute search for realism sometimes spoils the films (we have seen it in some live-action versions of Disney animated films), these design changes are quite slight to be quickly forgotten. What will count above all is to immerse the spectators in the universe of Mario. And the first images of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Toads, and other elements that have been seen on the posterare rather reassuring.

The movie Super Mario Bros. is due out on April 29 in French cinemas.

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