The Ryzen 7000’s IHS is a thermal paste trap, but Noctua has the solution

The Ryzen 7000's IHS is a thermal paste trap, but Noctua has the solution

Noctua has recently presented a small frame designed to prevent thermal paste from escaping during the application of the heatsink on AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs, recently available on the market. As noted by everyone since the photos of the first examples, the IHS of the new generation Zen 4 processors now has a different shape, characterized by some side recesses, which can turn out to be real traps for thermal paste: when the in fact, the excess thermal paste runs the risk of ending up in these “holes” of the IHS, making it very difficult to clean.

Source: Noctua
Noctua Intros NA-TPG1

The matter may undoubtedly be a problem for some, but fortunately Noctua he thought of a solution. The new NA-TPG1 is nothing more than a frame that takes the forms of the IHS and creates a sort of seal, which prevents the dermal paste from settling precisely in those areas. The frame is made of highly heat-resistant polycarbonate, ensures a hermetic seal and should not affect processor or heatsink performance in any way. It’s simple to use and just as safe to remove, effectively preventing the accidental spillage of thermal paste off the surface of the CPU, at least according to Noctua.

The Noctua NA-TPG1 package also includes 10 NA-CW1 (NA-STPG1) cleaning wipes and a syringe of NT-H1 or NT-H2 AM5 Edition thermal paste. Will be available starting from December for the price of € 7.90 if you choose the thermal paste NT-H1 ea € 13.90 if you buy the NT-H2 instead.

Staying in the AMD arena, the Ryzen 7 7950X proved to be the fastest processor to emulate PS3, outperforming its faster Intel counterparts thanks to AVX-512 support, introduced with the new generation.

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