The Super Mario Bros. animated film releases its first trailer, a true love letter for fans of the plumber

The moment that Nintendo fans and especially the Mario universe have been waiting for has finally arrived, because we already have The first official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Moviewhich is the animated film starring the famous plumber from the big N.

In recent days, the poster was shown that seems to be that this feature film whose production will be carried out by the animation studio Illumination, which left us with a small preview of certain characters and elements that would not miss the appointment. Still, what we really wanted was to hear Mario and company talking.

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Since it was confirmed that Chris Pratt would be in charge of voicing Mario, the question had arisen as to whether he would be a good fit or we would miss Charles Martinet a lot. Well, the doubt has been resolved and the truth is that the result is magnificentas in the case of Bowser, which in this case will be Jack Black who will voice him.

Mario Movie 02

Naturally it is very shocking to see these mythical characters speaking, but at least in English a good selection has been made. And of course, you can’t ignore how brutal the animation looks in each and every one of the scenes in this first trailer, from Bowser’s assault on a castle inhabited by penguins to Mario’s arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The trailer has made our teeth very long and we are looking forward more than ever to the arrival of the March 31, 2023 to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie in all theaters.

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