This is what Earth will look like in 250 million years

Since the creation of the Earth, the tectonic plates have been constantly moving. A video looked at land and ocean placements over the next 250 million years. Eventually, there could be only one continent, as at the origin of our planet.

Journalists from the American magazine TechInsider had fun creating a visualization of what planet Earth might look like in 250 million years. Let’s remember our college courses in Life and Earth Sciences. The Earth’s lithosphere is made up of several tectonic plates. These are mobile. Their movement is at the origin of the creation of reliefs such as mountains, volcanoes, valleys, but also earthquakes. The Plate Tectonics model mainly explains the fusion and separation of continents.

A flashback ?

To make the video published by TechInsider and picked up by The important on October 5, the authors used the projections of scientist Chris Scotese. Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Northwestern University in the State of Illinois in the United States “investigates how plate tectonics and global warming will change the appearance of the Earth in the future. He made several animated maps based on his research”explains the media.

The images show that, according to this researcher, in 250 million years, all the continents we currently know will have merged, and will be surrounded by a single large ocean. Which is reminiscent of Pangea, the unique and original continent of the Earth.

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