Tired of kids misusing your smart speaker? Amazon Kids arrives on Alexa

Tired of kids misusing your smart speaker?  Amazon Kids arrives on Alexa

Alexa has become another member of the family, even if she is not flesh and blood. Adults and children live together around this electronic device, which lends a hand when we need it most: solving tasks, searching for information (news, weather, music, premieres, bars…) and controlling other smart devices.

The smart speaker is a blessing for many, but it can also be a risk for the little ones, who can take advantage of any mistake to make improper use. To put an end to this problem, the company has just presented Amazon Kids in Alexa in Spain, a completely free service available on the entire family of Echo devices. The objective is to create a safe and adapted environment for children between the ages of 3 and 12, specifically.

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What is Amazon Kids on Alexa?

Experts recommend taking precautions in our homes to preserve privacy

Amazon Kids on Alexa gives kids access to the content they love

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Amazon Kids on Alexa gives kids access to the content they love. And activating it is very simple: it is only necessary for parents to create and approve a profile for children through the Alexa app. It is also possible to create a Voice ID and a Visual ID on devices with a screen and the experience can be activated on one or more Echo devices in the home, as well as use the child profile on a shared device or dedicate one for the exclusive use of the child.

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In homes it is already common to have a virtual assistant like Alexa, owned by the multinational Amazon, one of the most popular

The children will navigate through their own universe and the parents will be more relaxed, because they will be living an experience appropriate to their age. Those responsible will have tools such as the ‘Parental Control Panel’, time limits and a filter to block music that contains lyrics with explicit content.

Image protection is also essential. For this reason, the device will incorporate some controls so that they can only make calls and video calls with contacts previously approved by parents or guardians. In addition, in order not to have any scare in the current account, Amazon Kids in Alexa will block any type of purchase by voice.


Learn with Alexa

The device comes with several skills, educational and entertainment, as well as playlists created for them and educational content. Children will be able to interact with Pocoyo thanks to the skill Talk to Pocoyoas well as learn and practice languages ​​from the hand of Lingo Kids.

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Echo Dot 4th generation

Other educational options go through skills What jackrunto learn multiplication tables, or Smile and Learnwhere children will find more than 15 educational stories.

Amazon Kids features on Alexa


Parental Dashboard


Profile for children


time limits


Explicit content filter


educational content


Voice and video calls with pre-approved contacts


Communication within the home

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