to get a AAA game with points you need $ 1,750 of purchases -

According to an estimate to get a AAA game recent for free through the program PlayStation Stars a quantity of points equivalent to is required $ 1,750 of purchases through the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Stars is a Sony loyalty program that will debut in Italy on October 13, 2022. All PS5 and PS4 users can participate for free, with rewards ranging from digital collectibles to PSN funds. Rewards and points can be earned by participating in various campaigns and activities. In addition, every purchase made on the PlayStation Store guarantees a certain amount of points for PS Plus subscribers.

In the US, PlayStation Stars members get 10 points for every dollar spent in the PlayStation Store. At the moment there are only 5 games redeemable through the loyalty program, including The Quarry (the most recent triple A in the catalog and which price list in stores costs 70 dollars, barring any promotions) obtainable with 17,500 points, therefore 1,750 dollars, plus or less the equivalent of 24 full-price games.

PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars

Keep in mind in any case that, as mentioned above, it is possible to get PlayStation Stars points even without spending a cent, for example by participating in the various activities and campaigns proposed by Sony. It should also be noted that not all games require the same amount of points. For example, Cult of the Lamb requires 6,250, which is just over a third of what The Quarry does. Furthermore, at the moment we do not know if the games that will be added to the catalog in the future will have a cost in points similar to those currently available.

Here are the games redeemable for PlayStation Stars points in the US and their list prices in stores (source: Tweaktown):

  • The Quarry – 17,500 points (retail price: $ 69.99)
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 15,000 points (retail price: $ 59.99)
  • Hades – 6,250 points (retail price: $ 24.99)
  • Cult of the Lamb – 6,250 points (retail price: $ 24.99)
  • It Takes Two – 10,000 points (retail price: $ 39.99)

Staying on the subject, according to the data miner PlayStation Stars could have a Diamond level, accessible by invitation only.

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