try to buy it on Amazon Italy

try to buy it on Amazon Italy

The page on Amazon has been active for a few weeks to try to buy a PlayStation 5 console (Standard edition with disc player) bundled with the digital version of Horizon Forbidden West at the list price of 609.99 euros.

But how does Amazon’s new way of buying work? You can try to buy the console by simply clicking the “request invitation” button. To ensure that as many customers as possible can purchase this highly sought-after item, the site now only sells it this way.

Click here to try to buy the console on Amazon Italy

Once the request is made, if Amazon approves it, you will receive an email with information on when the item is back in stock, specifying that not all requests will be accepted. Some users in the comments report that, even if they did not receive the notification by email and periodically check the purchase page, they displayed the “add to cart” button and were able to purchase it.

Since September, the console has undergone an increase in the list price, going from the canonical 499.99 euros to 559.99 euros, to which 60 euros must be added for the digital version of Horizon Forbidden West.

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