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eFootball 2023 receives the new update 2.1.0 which brings with it several interesting news and improvementsstarting with the introduction of the Friend Match option to arrive at various evolutions applied to the balance, gameplay and technical performance of the game.

Konami has published the patch notes visible at this address, from which we take some particularly interesting elements. The most requested addition is probably the inclusion of the option Match Friend on console and PC, which allows you to challenge your friends with the Dream Team set.

Among the other novelties, we point out some changes to the interface and in particular to the appearance of the Start Menu, the addition of the “N. Intervals substitutions” option in the match options which can be varied with respect to the 5 possible substitutions on 3 intervals such as default.

We also read that null matches appear in the users’ Game Summary menu. On the iOS and Android front, the changes also concern the interface, the option on replacements and the issue of null matches.

Various changes have been applied to the direction of the through passes relative to the position of the players opponents, improved positioning of players when pressing on the flanks is called and a better location to intercept passes.

In general, various improvements have been applied to the defensive attitude of the players, including with regard to half-height balls.

There are also really many bug fixes, according to reports, as well as improvements such as new measures to prevent the manipulation of match results by “interrupting online matches with improper methods”. You can find more information in our new special with all the news of Konami’s football simulation update, published today on this very topic.

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