Valve announces that the Steam Deck can now be purchased without reservation together with the Dock: the details

A little over three months ago, Valve announced that it had increased production of the Steam Deck, a move that allowed it to double weekly shipments. Now, the American company is facilitating access to its video game console by allowing direct online purchasethat is, without reservation.

The news, which will be very well received by all those people who wanted to buy the device, is accompanied by another novelty. The removal of the pre-order process for the Steam Deck as well open the door to buy the base stationalso known as Dock, in the same way.

The Steam Deck is now available without reservation

If you want to buy your Steam Deck right now, just go to the official page of the console and log in with your Steam account. The next step, as you can see in the screenshot below, will be select the version you want to buy.

Steam Deck 1

Remember that the hardware is practically identical in all models. The main thing that changes is storage. You have all the details in our analysis, but we remind you that the 64 GB version is priced at €419; the 256GB one, 549 euros, and the 512GB one, €679.

It should be noted that all models also include a slot for high-speed microSD cards. In relation to the order, after completing the payment and shipping information, and confirming the purchase, you will have to wait between one and two weeks to receive the device at your home.

The base station (the Dock) also arrives

As mentioned above, the base station is designed so that you can use the Steam Deck from the television. But it is not the only advantage. In addition, it offers you the possibility of charging your console and connecting peripherals. Let’s see its most outstanding features.

The base station features 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, and an HDMI 2.0 port. There’s also a USB-C port reserved for power with a 6-inch cable (included with the power supply).

Steam Deck 2 is on the way with major changes.  and there is already

If you want to purchase your Dock, you can also do so from the Steam Deck website by following the process mentioned above. Its price is €99 and will arrive within one to two weeks after the order is placed.

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