We tested the iPhone 14 Plus: the iPhone that lasts and lasts


It brings to the basic range of iPhone something that until now was reserved for the Pro models: a huge screen and a battery to match.

iPhone 14Plus.
iPhone 14Plus.

This Friday the last iPhone of 2022 arrives in stores, the only model that Apple could not launch along with the rest due to logistical problems. It’s the iPhone 14 Plus, and it brings to the entry-level iPhone range something that until now was reserved for the Pro models: a huge screen and a matching battery.

We at Pixel have tested it for the last week and in a way this is a super easy review to write. Everything we said in September of the iPhone 14 can be repeated here.

What makes this phone different is the larger size of screen, 6.7 inches. What makes this phone special is that with a larger battery, it is the iPhone of autonomy that Apple has launched on the market. It is eternal.

more screen

Let’s go by parts. The screen has the same 6.7 inches as the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, although as with the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, in this case we are not facing a screen with variable refresh rate, but rather it stays in 60 hertz, very limited considering that today mid-range phones already offer higher speeds.

It’s very good in almost every other aspect, from quality to brightness to color fidelity, but nothing that hasn’t already been seen in previous iPhone editions.

The larger size, however, is appreciated when watching a video, surfing the web, playing a game or using some apps that have many options and controls and therefore take better advantage of the greater space available.

The other advantage is that the phone can offer the same amount of screen content as the iPhone 14 but with a larger interface and font size. Useful for those of us who are beginning to have problems seeing up close.

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But the really interesting thing about the iPhone 14 Plus is the battery. Although it is the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it does not have to power a screen with a variable refresh rate and that allows it to go a little further in autonomy.

To sum it up quickly: this is the longest-range iPhone Apple has ever released. And it is not a statement I make lightly. Measuring the autonomy of a mobile is complicated because not all of us use the telephone in the same way, but suffice it to say that Last weekend I did not have to charge the iPhone 14 at any time and I arrived on Monday with 20% battery remaining.

Some time ago I started doing a more consistent and repeatable test on all phones: continuously play a YouTube video with the screen at medium brightness and the volume at 30%. This is similar to the methodology that Apple uses for its video playback battery estimates in streaming.

For the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple specifies 20 hours of video playback with this setting. My result was 19 hours and 38 minutes of active screen on, beating the same test on the iPhone 14 Pro Max by 32 minutes.

The weak points of the iPhone 14 Plus are, to no one’s surprise, the same as those of the iPhone 14. There is the aforementioned low refresh rate, of course, but also the fact that this year the gap between generations feels smaller for the presence of the same processor that the iPhone 13 Pro used in 2021.

As with the Pro Max, we must also add that the dimensions and weight make this phone a device Less manageable with one hand.

The decision to eliminate the Mini model from the catalog and grow the basic model of the iPhone, in any case, compensates and this 14 Plus has a much larger potential audience than the one the Mini had (the iPhone 13 Mini is still on sale and the rumor is that Apple will keep the small screen size in the iPhone SE range, which is usually announced in the spring).

The iPhone 14 Plus goes on sale tomorrow Friday at a price of 1,159 euros for the 128 GB model

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