Whatsapp, now you can use it with the phone turned off: how to do it

Whatsapp, never again without. From today it can also be used with the phone turned off, so as not to be disconnected from friends. Here’s how to do it.

whatsapp desktop
Whatsapp, how to use it with the phone turned off (photo Pixabay)


Whatsapp is definitely the most used messaging app, and since it came on the market years ago, it has completely changed the way of communicate with friends and relatives, bringing us into a new digital age.

In fact, this application allows you to stay in touch with friends, relatives and other numbers in the address book, but also to be contacted by numbers not in the address book, and to message in a new way compared to classic messages, with the possibility of share photos and videosbut also to video calls, create groups or broadcast lists and much more.

An app that has become increasingly fundamental not only for individuals, but also for companies, who use it to advertise your business and stay in touch with customers.

Over the years, the app has evolved more and more bringing new updates and functions, and to date, it will be possible to use it even with the phone switched off. Let’s see how.

Whatsapp, how to stay connected even with the phone turned off

whatsapp desktop
Whatsapp desktop (photo Pixabay)

To continue using Whatsapp even with the phone turned off, there is a interesting functionality also useful for other situations.

It is about Whatsapp Desktop, the computer version, which actually allows us to stay connected to our account even if we have the phone turned off.

All messages and chats will obviously remain synchronizedand it is therefore possible to review them both from the PC and from the smartphone even when one of the two devices is turned off.

A function very useful especially for those who have a companyand he often finds himself using the app but he needs to use the pc.

In this way, we will be able to use our favorite app also on the computer, without giving up the convenience of Whatsapp and old chats.

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